With our innovative product, this traffic solution captures smartphone WiFi signals in predefined areas and conversion points within a store giving retailers comprehensive online analytics.

Optimize In-store Performance

How many people walked past your stores? How many came in? Which section did they go to first? What was the conversion to sales? How about repeat visits? Can you measure loyalty? Bounce rate? Visitor Recency?

Over 1,500 retail locations around the world rely on iViu to answer the above questions. iViu’s SaaS services provides highly-accurate, scalable and cost-effective data collection, empowering retailers to make data-driven decisions. iViu offers many levels of integration, together with our partners we can help you get the most intelligence from your store.

The Benefits

  • Micro level data capture
  • Detection accuracy and granularity
  • Real time or interval data feeds
  • Heuristic data pattern recognition
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retail analytics, real time capture, Traffic analytics within a large mall

Value Proposition

  • Precise foot traffic data and consumer behavior pattern recognition
  • Low-cost solution with measurable ROI
  • Optimizes traffic, staffing, and maximizing sales performance
  • Customized consumer notifications via defined preferences and promotions
  • Employee detection and allocation (based on frequency, time period seen) provides future effectiveness for customer service
  • New & Repeat visitors (optimizing shopper’s experience for continued repeat visits)
  • Company, region & location
  • Recency (time proximity of last & first visits)
  • Frequency (multiple dates and times of visits)
  • Visit duration (average dwell time)
  • Bounced Traffic (customers that walked in & left within a defined time period)
  • Detection accuracy and granularity
  • Bypass Traffic (customers that walked in front of location)
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